The Complete Guide to BMW Angel Eyes

Published: 02nd March 2010
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BMW Angel Eyes: The Complete Guide

by Staff

A a leading distributor of BMW Parts, Jlevi SW has been offering BMW angel eye kits for over 6 years now and is the expert in the various angel eye technologies.

Whether you are looking to upgrade your existing BMW headlights, or wish to purchase aftermarket BMW projector headlights with preinstalled angel eyes and HID or Xenon headlights, we have just the solution for you.

A Brief History of BMW Angel Eyes

BMW introduced angel eye headlights on the E39 5 Series in 2001 with the headlight and tail light redesign for the BMW 5 Series. These were powered by fiberoptics pointing through a halogen bulb. For their time, the original concept for Angel Eyes (called Corona Rings by BMW themselves) was revolutionary, but these original systems are very dim by today's standards.

Jlevi SW began in 2004, offering fiber optic and Cold Cathode Fluorescent Lighting (CCFL) angel eye kits that would install on the factory headlights of the E36, E39 and E46 BMWs, which did not come with angel eyes. Over the years, Jlevi SW & their manufacturers perfected the CCFL kit which became the mainstream option for angel eyes used in factory BMW headlights or projector headlights. These were offered under many names and brands including BMW Demon Eyes, Phosphyre Halos, Predator Chromium, MyCarr CCFL Angel Eyes, MyCarr LED Angel Eyes, and our newest brand, WeissLicht Angel Eyes.

The CCFL angel eye kits have been improved upon and replaced by our new LED angel eye kits, which feature a variety of setups ranging from 35 to 81 LEDs for a full and bright ring.

Beginning with the E65 7-Series and newer models, BMW has begun including angel eyes on all of their models from the factory. These are fiber optic systems that are still halogen powered, which makes them somewhat dim and yellow. Jlevi SW now offers LED xenon white, red and blue upgrade bulbs to change the color of factory BMW angel eyes to a different color and brighter output. These are now available for all vehicles that come from the factory with BMW angel eyes, including the BMW E65 7 Series, E39 5 Series, E60 5 Series, E53 X5, E70 X5, E71 X6, E90/E91/E92/E93 3 Series and E82/E87 1 Series.

Various BMW Angel Eye Kits Now Available

There are various options when adding angel eyes to your BMW E36, E39, E46 or upgrading the angel eyes on your factory BMW bixenon headlights such as on the BMW E39 5 Series, E53 X5, E60 5 Series, E63 or E64 6 Series, E82 or E87 1 Series and the E90, E91, E92 and E93 3 Series.

CCFL Angel Eyes for BMWs without Factory Angel Eyes

Cold Cathode Fluorescent Lighting Tubes in Plastic Casings


* Can be used in most headlights and aftermarket BMW projector headlights

* Reasonably bright output

* Proven technology used for over 6 years

* Very Affordable price


* Suffers from cold start issues- dim when first turned on

* Not as bright as alternative BMW Angel Eyes

* Prone to ballast failures that need replacement

* Ballast connectors can short if not installed properly

* Rings are extremely fragile and easily broken during install


* No ballasts which makes LED angel eyes more reliable

* Instant start up, no cold start issues

* LEDs last the life of the car, no replacing rings like outdated MyCarr kits

* Direct connect to the wiring harness, WeissLicht angel eyes feature plug and play installation

* Pure xenon white output

* Full and complete ring, WeissLicht BMW Angel Eyes feature 60 high output LEDs for our brightest kit ever!

* Available with two sized rings to provide a better fit around your factory bmw headlights


* More expensive than CCFL Angel Eye Kits

* Only available in Xenon White

We offer replacement LED upgrade bulbs that swap out the factory halogen bulbs with a xenon white, blue or red LED. These are a plug and play installation that do not cause errors with the factory system. These are now offered for a variety of BMW headlights including the BMW E39 5 Series, E53 X5, E60 5 Series, E63 or E64 6 Series, E82 or E87 1 Series and the E90, E91, E92 and E93 3 Series.

LEDs will last the life of the car and are designed to install in the original BMW headlights.

Whichever BMW Angel Eyes choose, we guarantee your satisfaction. Our BMW Angel Eyes are made of highest quality materials to ensure proper fitment, and will dramatically improve the look of your car.

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